5 Questions with Damon “The Bull” Minor

1. How do you feel to be fighting on back to back Island Fights Events?

Damon Minor: Excited to put on another great performance

2. How did you like your performance at the last Island Fights against Wesley Golden?

Damon Minor: I feel like I had some good moments, not the best I can be. I am grateful to walk away with the win and felt blessed to get the knockout finish.

3. Do you believe the welterweight division is your home for Mix Martial Arts?

Damon Minor: Welterweight not at all. Featherweight is in my future!!

4. At the age of 23, do you believe you are one of the best young prospects in the MMA game?

Damon Minor: I don’t believe in “the best” I believe in being prepared and ready to perform every time I step in the cage. I believe I’m a real fighter.

5. With Mike Davis getting signed to the UFC, Brok Weaver & Hannah Goldy getting UFC Contender Series Fights, do you believe Island Fights is the platform to get you to the UFC?

Damon Minor: Definitely working hard in the gym and coming to perform in the cage or ring.

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