5 Questions with Cole Miller

Cole Miller a savage inside the octagon and a genius on the commentary booth. Cole Miller has over 20 fights under the UFC banner, fighting some of the greatest Featherweights in the organizations history. Cole a member of the Americans Top Team family has knowledge of the MMA game like no other. Lately, Cole has been commentating on UFC Fight Pass for Island Fights and is absolute natural on the microphone. Let’s get Bananas and talk to Cole Miller.

Who has impressed you the most recently under the Island Fights banner?

Cole Miller: Brok Weaver is a very talented individual. He’s a well rounded total package, but I love that he’s a warrior inside the ring.

Chase Sherman could be a real heavyweight top 10 contender despite his last run In the UFC. Some alterations with his defense could give him a real chance against anyone in the world.
Sidney Outlaw has one hell of a ground game. I’d like to see him get tested against a striker/ anti grappler before he moves up to the next level.

How cool was it to be surprised at Island Fights 52 with a exhibition match with Roy Jones Jr.?

Cole Miller: It was amazing. RJJ is one of my top 3 all time favorite fighters to watch and he’s also on my best lb for lb boxers or all time list. To watch him do anything in ring is a chance to observe greatness. It was a real treat.

At Fight Bananas, we absolutely love your play by play of Island Fights, how did you get started calling fights?

Cole Miller: I’m thrilled to be color for TJ DeSantis. He had reached out to me for Island Fights 51 and told me there may be a chance I could commentate if I was interested. I love commentating and have done it at a few mma events and grappling events. Although I was unprepared with the short notice I really love the chemistry of myself and TJ. With all the research I did for IF 52 I was much more confident and I feel like we crushed it. I’m super grateful to him and Dean Toole, matchmaker and promoter of Island Fights.

American Top Team is building champion level fighters day by day, What does ATT do differently than other gyms?

Cole Miller: I think that they know better than anyone that it’s not about the fighters skill level, it’s about the coaching staff behind those fighters. The staff there is more knowledgeable and more decorated than any coaching staff anywhere else. When you have knowledge like that, it’s easy to build the room. We’re very grateful to all of the coaches that constantly give us their all.

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