5 Questions with Chris Mixan

Chris Mixan was just recently ranked the #1 Amateur Welterweight Fighter in the state of Florida and with that news Chris Mixan wants more a lot more!! If I was building a mix martial artist in 2019, Chris Mixan is who I would build. Chris has it all, wrestling, kicks, boxing, striking ability from any position, he’s long, lean and mean for the welterweight division. Chris Mixan has been a feature fighter for the fight organization Combat Night and his next fight is on March 16th in Duval, Florida. Chris has all the tools one day to be professional ranked the number one welterweight in the world. The future is what he makes it, let’s get started and ask Chris Mixan his 5 questions. 

1. How excited are you for March 16th to fight for your second Combat Night Championship in Duval?

Chris Mixan: Combat Night Duval in March 16 is another opportunity to showcase my skills. Even though I just fought February 9th, I feel I have improved a lot in that short amount of time. So I’m excited to make that walk.

2. What is your base and what got you into Mix Martial Arts?

Chris Mixan: I started out with wrestling but I feel like my game has evolved past that. I consider myself a striker now.

3. It seems that you have a special coach / fighter relationship with striking coach Jon Radford, can you speak on your relationship?

Chris Mixan: Jon is a great coach and friend. Without him non of this would be possible. He’s Picasso I’m the paintbrush, we’re just trying to make some art.

4. We know your goal is much further down the road, but you were just named #1 Amateur Welterweight fighter in Florida, how does that make you feel?

Chris Mixan: I am indifferent to rankings. It’s nice to receive respect for what my team has done but I’ll always treat myself like the underdog.

5. Can we Lock Inn a nickname for you, we have heard Mighty Mixan, King Slayer and Thanos. What is your fight nickname?

Chris Mixan: Anything but Thanos!!

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