5 Questions with Chris “Beast Boy” Barnett

1. How did you feel about your victory at Island Fights 52 vs Robert Neal?

Chris Barnett: I definitely wanted to put more of a show on. I wasn’t expecting him to back up so much with all the crap he was talking lol, plus Roy Jones jr was in the crowd so it was like come one man, Let’s fight lol…

2. Beast Boy you are now on a 4 fight win streak now, has anything changed in your preparation?

Chris Barnett: Yeah I lost weight the right way, I was doing stupid stuff there when I was in my 4 fight losing streak. It’s the fight game live and learn.

3. You absolutely have one of the most entertaining heavyweight styles in MMA, where did you create your fight style?

Chris Barnett: Video games, movies and a imagination. You wouldn’t believe in my head I am about 170 pounds lol

4. What’s your take on the UFC Heavyweight landscape?

Chris Barnett: It doesnt have me…….. Lol but for real no one in the UFC is doing what I am doing. I train with a lot of those guys and I am no push over. I absolutely love to be apart of the UFC landscape one day, it would be like the cool fun beach side of it lol…

5. What’s next for you?

Chris Barnett: I was suppose to fight April 27th but got pushed back bless my opponent a speedy recovery. But anything anywhere I am ready for Kickboxing, Boxing, MMA whatever if they want it they can get it!!

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