5 Questions with Chase Hooper

1. How is your weight cuts at Featherweight and would you love to stay in this division long term?

Chase Hooper: I have a pretty average cut to 145. I do about 10 to 15 pounds of dieting and the last 10 are in the sauna. As far as starving and dehydrating myself goes, it’s not too bad, and I can do it pretty easily. I want to stay at 145 for as long as I can, but that definitely depends on how much more I continue to grow, being that I’m still 19. Long term, I plan on staying at featherweight as long as I can, because it feels good for me both cardio, and strength-wise

2. How has your life changed since the Dana White Contender Series Fight?

Chase Hooper: The Contender Series changed a lot about my life. I get to fly around the country for fights, I get to solely focus on training without having to worry about making a living, and I have much more confidence in my future and my fight career.

3. Still at age 19, do you think your age is advantage over other fighters?

Chase Hooper: I think that my age throws people off a bit, and makes (or at least used to make) people overlook me. It also means that my body hasn’t taken as much damage as other, older fighters may have. Additionally, if I do have any injuries, my body recovers pretty quickly. Most importantly, it allows me a margin of error for my timing and my defense, as I can still take a beating, but still be in the fight.

4. What’s your take on Max Holloway’s run through the UFC Featherweight division?

Chase Hooper: I think that Max, like a lot of UFC 145ers is huge, and cuts a lot of weight, which he can clearly manage cardio-wise, makes him, along with his skills, super dangerous at 145. I’m curious to see what he does at 155, but he clearly has what it takes skill-wise to deal with the bigger guys.

5. How amped are you to be on Island Fights 54?

Chase Hooper: Being from Seattle, I’m super hyped to get out to somewhere warmer like Florida, and I’m definitely wanting to see what Spring Break has to offer while I’m down there. I’m glad to be on a large, well run promotion like Island Fights, because it makes the whole fight experience easier. I’m also looking forward to fighting in a ring, because I grew up watching old Pride fights, and I want to see what that changes while I’m in there

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