5 Questions with Chase Gamble

Island Fights 53 is a week away and we talk with one half the co main event Chase Gamble. Chase will battle Marcel Stamps in the middleweight division live on UFC Fight Pass on March 6th. Chase a veteran in the mix martial arts game coaches and trains other top end fighters but, next week it’s all about him taking another step to achieve his goal. One thing we know for sure is that Chase Gamble will put on a show for the Island Fights fans in attendance also the millions watching across the world via UFC Fight Pass! Here are Chase Gamble’s five questions.

1.How do you feel being in the co main event on Island Fights 53 on UFC Fight Pass?

Chase Gamble: I thinks it’s awesome, I am very excited for the opportunity. I have seen Island Fights for a long time and when I got that opportunity to box on it in the past, I don’t hesitate. Now, being in the co main event on UFC Fights, no one has seen what I have put into my game lately and excited to show the world!

2. What’s your opinion on the UFC middleweight division?

Chase Gamble: I see all those guys that I will be fighting against in the near future. I see a lack of technical fighters in the weight class. I am excited to get into the division and I believe it’s time for someone new.

3. Marcel Stamps coming into your fight with a lot of buzz, does that give you any extra motivation?

Chase Gamble: From being from North Carolina I have not herd much of Marcel Stamps. I think he is 2-0 and just fought a Bare Knuckle match, yea man I am motivated. I think a lot of people are going to be wanting to watch him and be surprised what I do. I have been training with Bryan “Bam Bam” Barberena and I am beyond ready!

4. How would you say your fight style is?

Chase Gamble: I am pretty well rounded, as a mix martial artist we train in all techniques. I have just had a boxing match, grappling matches, I have stayed busy.

5. What can fans at Island Fights 53 and people watching on UFC Fight Pass expect from you co main event fight?

Chase Gamble: Fans of Island Fights and fans watching on UFC Fight Pass will definitely be surprised. From the time we bump gloves till the time the referee holds up my hand it will be spectacular to watch. The goal is my next fight I will be in the main event.

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