5 Questions with Cameron Page

1. Were you excited about the new PFL 2 year broadcast deal with ESPN?

Cameron Page: The PFL deal is great for those guys. They have a lot of talented fighters that have been and or on their way to the big show. The exposure will help them and the promotion reach the next step.

2. Are you worried about the UFC slaying the Flyweight division?

Cameron Page: I’m not too worried about the UFC’s decision on the flyweight decision. I’m more concerned with the promotions that i currently compete for and how my training and other things are going. Maybe once the ladder is climbed a little further for me then I’ll look into it a little more. After watching the Henry and TJ fight, I feel like the flyweights will be around for a little while longer. If something was to happen to them then there is more money to be made in One FC, Rizen, and other promotions that really appreciate the little guys and the fights they bring to the table. 

3. What has been some differences between fighting under Atlas Fights, Combat Night and Island Fights?

Cameron Page: All 3 are great promotions and take care of the fighters. Each has their own way of doing things and the benefits for fighting for them. I’ve been fighting for Glenn and Atlas for awhile and spent a lot of my ammy career bouncing around the casinos in Biloxi which was always a fun trip. I love being in Pensacola for Island Fights in the civic center. Dean puts on a great show and being so close to home means i can really bring a huge crowd to support my teammates and I. Mitchell and Combat Night, I only fought once for but the guy is straight up and looks after everyone. Being a fighter himself he knows what everyone goes through. 

4. Who is your all time favorite Mix Martial Artist?

Cameron Page: Mirko Cro Cop is def my favorite guy. I follow a lot of fighters and tune in every time certain guys fight but definitely cro cop. I loved watching him back in the K-1 and Pride days all the way up to his recent retirement from medical conditions. Something about the fear he ingrained into his opponents with his striking and how he fought anyone they put in front of him made me a huge fan.

5. What’s next for you?

Cameron Page: I currently took a new job opportunity, so i had to figure out how everything was gonna play into my fighting and training. That’s why everyone didn’t see me last December on the Island Fights show. But i believe i got everything worked out with my schedule so maybe I’ll be back in the game mid summer and looking to fight then. I’m back training now since I’m home and trying to help teammates get ready for fights in fort walton and the Alabama guys back continue training and get better. I was really looking forward to the Island Fights card but life happens sometimes, and home stuff is more important but I’m definitely ready to jump back in there soon as I can.

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