5 Questions with Brok Weaver

1. What has Island Fights meant to your career?

Brok Weaver: I didn’t start my career with island fights but I have fought just about most of my fights with them an as the promotion has rose to the top so has my career with it. Island fights is my home an always will be.

2. You are on a 6 fight mix martial art winning streak, what has changed in your game?

Brok Weaver: I moved away a few years ago to train with bigger gyms and with the best fighters in the world. I got to taste the different levels of the game and also push an become another level fighter.

3. Your fight style is a fight fans dream, how did you obtain your fight style?

Brok Weaver: I would say my fighting style is very aggressive and technical, I probably obtained it by watching many of anime like Dragonball Z, Street Fighter, and old Bruce Lee movies. I have also mimicked and stole certain techniques and styles over the years from fighters such as Nick Diaz, Lyoto Machida and Khabib Nurmagomedov.

4. What has been your favorite fight of your career?

Brok Weaver: My favorite fight of my whole career was probably brok vs sok 1, because it had a lot of hype and I was a big under dog. I believed we both fought our hearts out to the end.

5. What’s next for you?

Brok Weaver: What’s next for me is hopefully Dana White’s Contender Series and there I will get my long awaited contract and give all the glory to my god.

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