5 Questions with Brian Maxwell

5 Questions with Brian Maxwell

1.Hey Brian , how would you describe your fight style to those who haven’t been able to see your talent yet?
I describe my style as a relaxed I feel out my opponent for a few moments then I get to work. Ifeel like my style is different then the average to great fighter ready to shock the world
2.In what round do you see yourself winning your Bare Knuckle Championship Debut?
I see myself winning in first or second round via tko
3. How does Brian Celebrate after a victory?
Brian celebrates after fights by hanging with my teammates and family getting food an having a few drinks and relaxing
4. What do you do for fun and relaxation?
What I do for fun outside of the gym is I love modifying my cars love going to the track love racing and going to car meets
5. #howdoyoubanana What is your favorite recipe that includes bananas?
Ilove crunchy peanut butter n strawberry jam sandwiches with sliced bananas

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