5 Questions with Brian Maxwell

1. What has been your experiences with Bare Knuckle Fighting Championship..?

Brian Maxwell: One my experiences with BKFC has been great! Very life changing so far even tho my last 2 fights havent gone my way it has change all parts of my life for the better,  I am becoming one of the fan favorites and have gained so much knowledge not only in my fight but other fights I have watched to help broaden my horizons to get better at Bare Knuckle Fighting.

2. Your personal favorite moment in your Mixed Martial Arts career..?

Brian Maxwell: My favorite moment in mixed martial arts so far is the night BKFC surprised me after one of my MMA fights and brought me back into the cage during intermission and offered me a fight. To be completely honest I wanted to share a man tear cause, I was so happy and proud at the same time cause my son was there and got to see me get an opportunity to make our lives better and it showed him that I do this for him.

3. Your favorite sport outside of Combat Sports?

Brian Maxwell: My favorite sport outside of combats sport is a toss up for me because basketball was my first true sport I ever played but also at the same time football is right there, I am a big Washington Football team fan!

4. A goal you want to achieve by 2021?

Brian Maxwell:  The goal I have by 2021 is to be entered into BKFC tournament to fight for a title by the end of 2021. I wanna be a champion at cruiserweight or middleweight and also i wanna be in the position to be one of the faces of the company!

5. Plain & Simple, who’s next..?

Brian Maxwell: Plain and simple who’s next, I want a rematch with Uly Diaz by the end of year or early 2021. I have some big news coming monday for who is next, I can’t drop the name till I get the contract and return it. I am happy with the opponent that I have, it is going to be a banger. Lets just say he faught on BKFC 11…..??

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