5 Questions with Brendan “All In” Allen

5 Questions with Brendan “All In” Allen 

1. What middleweight past or present you think mirrors your skill set?

Brendan “All In” Allen: Honestly I am not sure man, I don’t mimic after anyone but I guess the style I like and am built for would be anderson silva because of his clinch

2. What’s your mind set on your upcoming fight on the Dana White’s Contender Series?

Brendan “All In” Allen: I feel its just another fight, I feel i should already be in the UFC so I don’t have any pressure or feeling to do anything other than what I do. I am going out there to be myself and let the cards fall where they fall

3. How did you get together with Roufus Sport?

Brendan “All In” Allen: I got with Roufusport through my man Tim Credeur. I went with him and some of his students to an event Roufusport puts on for affiliates called “Agora” and I trained with the guys and learned some great things from the coaches and felt thats what I needed to go to the next level and be a champion

4. What’s your all time favorite MMA moment (personal or experience)?

Brendan “All In” Allen: My all time favorite was fighting at Nola Motorsports Park for my good friend Shawn Gayton (head coach at MidCity MMA) where I was able to truely share the whole thing with my brother and father; from the hanging out in the back before the fight to warming up to walking out to winning. It was a memorable experience for me

5. With your upcoming addition, what do you want your daughters first out of the house experience to be?

Brendan “All In” Allen: Anything with family, that is the absolute most important thing to me is my family and so anything with them is what I want it to be. My wife and I just want to give her the best we can and teach her family is the most important thing. But ultimately I hope my brother and her have a relationship like my niece and I have and I hope my niece and her are super close even though they are so far apart in age (I already know my parents will be close with her so I don’t worry about that)

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