5 Questions with Blake Dodd

1. How much has the recent Florida MMA momentum motivate you?

Blake Dodd: A lot! Seeing people I no go to Dana White’s Contender Series really made me realize I can do it too.

2. Who has been a rock for you so far in your MMA career?

Blake Dodd: Dean grant and Steven Koslow.

3. In 5 words, what is your fighting style?

Blake Dodd: I’m a fighter that likes to touch you and keep touching you until you quit and if you get me down I feel comfortable with my Jiu jitsu. Can’t really put a label on it. There is no style. Words from my homie Fidel Paulino.

4. Dustin or Khabib?

Blake Dodd: Khabib.. would like to see Dustin win tho.

5. In 2021 Blake Dodd will be…?

Blake Dodd: PRO!!

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