5 Questions with Billy Padden

Billy Padden has boxing knowledge running through his veins, he started his training on the mean streets of Philadelphia. Coach Billy Padden was a 2x National Collegiate Boxing Champion and a 3x All-American but that’s where his leagacy starts. His on going teaching at American Top Team in Coconut Creek, Florida will live forever, fighters such as Amanda Nunes, Gillian Robertson, Greg Hardy, Dustin Poirier learn new boxing techniques from Coach almost every day. Coach Billy Padden answers are so insightful and I know why American Top Team is the cream of the crop in Mix Martial Arts, let’s get Bananas!

Coach, with a boxing background who do you believe has the best boxing skills in the UFC?

Billy Padden: The boxing in MMA is abysmal and the most ignored art. Guys are easily knocked out in MMA because they are off balanced and not leveraged. Most don’t even know how to hold their hands properly let alone their feet. Their spine is completely straight leaving them so susceptible to KO’s and injury especially with a 4 oz glove. I think Ryan Bader was one of the best boxing people in MMA. Look at his position his chin is always down behind his shoulders his spine is always bent and inch. His feet are the proper distance apart. His hands come right off his cheeks. The other one is Conor McGregor. He knows how to move his head off line and punch across his body. It’s a left Cross he throws not a left hook or a straight left it’s an off line left cross. Three different punches the announcers don’t even know that these are 3 different punches. Boxing properly will change the game????

If you were building a Mix Martial Artist from the ground up, what would be the most important skill you would teach?

Billy Padden: Balance, balance, balance not just sedentary but as you move. Boxing and wresting is a great start.

Coaching at American Top Team you have some of the best of the best in MMA, who is a fighter in the gym that maybe the main stream doesn’t know yet that one day they will?

Billy Padden: Some really scary dudes at Top Team. 22 year old Lindsey Jones is one. Michael Lombardo is another. Daniel Jolly is one of the best in the planet and he is just coming into his own

Who is your all time favorite boxer?

Billy Padden: Sugar Ray Leonard. He was the commentator when I fought on HBO in 1981. Said some great things about me.

How amazing was Amanda Nunes last performance destroying a legend in Cris Cyborg and becoming a Champ Champ?

Billy Padden: Amanda was amazing and if you watch the replay she was so fundamentally sound in her striking. If you notice she always finished with the lead ( left ) hand which nullified Cyborgs attempts to counter punch . She even knocked her down with a reset left hook. You always finish with the lead hand and you block your opponents punch routes.

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