5 Questions with Baraq Hunter

1. How excited are you for March 16th Combat Night Duval?

Baraq Hunter: I’m very excited. I haven’t fought in a while so I’m really looking forward to getting back in the cage and showcasing my skills. While I’ve been out, I’ve been coaching a lot of fights, and being on the other side of the game has made me a much smarter fighter, and I’m excited to put my MMA IQ on display March 16.

2. Alton Meeks has a lot of good buzz around him right now, does that give you any extra motivation?

Baraq Hunter: No, not really. I don’t really care about buzz or hype or anything like that. I think he’s a good athlete, a tough competitor and a good fighter, but I’m more motivated by being the best fighter and athlete I can be. I’m moreso focused on my skill set, my mental focus and what I bring to the table. It’ll be a tough, great fight and I’m really looking forward to it.

3. You have fought some big names in the past on Island Fights, is that something you want to get back to?

Baraq Hunter: I’m definitely not looking past Alton, but God willing this fight goes to plan, I’ll for sure be looking to take on another big name, whether that’s Combat Night, Island Fights, another good regional promotion, anyone who presents the best opportunity.

4. How has been your training camp for this fight?

Baraq Hunter: It’s been great. A few months ago, I got in contact with Phil Daru and got on his fight-specific strength program. My head coach at The Training Yard, Dean Grant, is a wizard in all aspects of MMA, so I feel fully prepared, mentally and physically, for the fight.

5. Prediction for your fight vs Alton Meeks on March 16th in Duval?

Baraq Hunter: My hands Raised!

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