5 Questions with Anthony Arvelo Jr.

1. What was the origin idea behind Undisputed Promotions?

Anthony Arvelo: To take amateur boxing to another level by showcasing the hard working fighters on a professional platform. 

2. Florida Mix Martial Arts Talent might be the best in the country, what do you think about the Boxing Talent in the Sunshine State?

Anthony Arvelo: I feel like we have had some successful pros in Florida. Back in 2002-2005 we had top amateurs in Florida. Things kind of went quiet and our movement will be it back. We have a ton of talent we will be showcasing. 

3. When, Where and what’s the idea behind your next event?

Anthony Arvelo: The next event will be at gilt in Orlando on Saturday April 6. We have decided to put the undisputed fight night champions against the top competition in Puerto Rico. 

4. What has been the single most satisfying moment so far being the promoter of Undisputed Promotions?

Anthony Arvelo: There has been countless moments that are satisfying. I can honestly say the most proud moments is seeing these amateurs make it to the pros!

5.What’s your goals for Undisputed Promotions in 2019?

Anthony Arvelo: In 2019 we have already brought Orlando a huge show where our promotion clashed  With MMA (combat night) now we are set for April 6 where Puerto Rico fighters will be featured. The ultimate goal for 2019 We plan to have our very first professional fight in the coming months.

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