5 Questions with Alton Meeks

Alton Meeks is another crossover from football to Mix Martial Arts but, is just not anyone. Alton “Murda” Meeks is a absolute killer inside the cage and has future UFC Heavyweight Champion writen all over him! Alton is a lifer in the wrestling room but, he is starting to evolve his MMA game to an all around heavyweight monster. Alton Murda Meeks is a name that all MMA fans will soon know and love! Here are Alton’s 5 questions, let’s get Bananas.

  1. Your next fight just got announced for Combat Night in Duval on March 16th, how excited are you to get back into the cage?

Alton Meeks: Very excited for the fight. It’s my first fight back in a while. I’ve had some set backs as far as bad injuries so I’m just ready to get in there and scrap.

2. After playing college football at Iowa State, what was the hardest transition into Mix Martial Arts?

Alton Meeks: There wasn’t much of a transition. I’ve been wrestling since I was about 5 and I got my start in Iowa. I was on the Olympic ladder at the time and I showed up one day to wrestle with Alex Nicholson. They asked me if I wanted to fight and I said yes. A week later I’m in a cage fighting my first fight with combat night. I had never done any sparring or BJJ prior to the fight but no better way to learn then being thrown into the fire.

3. What’s your opinion on the UFC Heavyweight division?

Alton Meeks: I don’t think very highly of it. There are some guys that are extremely talented at the top, but it drops off quick. Most fights are boring with two fat dudes rubbing bellies in the center of the cage with bad cardio and low level wrestling.

4. What’s your 2019 goals?

Alton Meeks: I think with my wrestling credentials it shouldn’t take too many more wins to hear from a big promotion. I would like to fight frequently and get signed to the ufc or bellator and continue to fight as often as possible.

5. What is your dream MMA fight? vs who, when and for what?

Alton Meeks: I would like to fight Greg Hardy. I’ll fight him any time and I’ll donate my fight purse to a battered women’s shelter.

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