5 Questions is Jalin “Tarantula” Turner

Jalin Turner a 23 year old UFC Lightweight just captured his first UFC victory against Callan Potter. The Tarantula is Jalin’s nickname and it is beyond fitting for the long and dangerous fighter. Jalin seems to just be entering his prime and wins in Bellator, Dana White Contender Series and now at a UFC PPV the sky is the absolute limit for this soon to be UFC SuperStar. So here are Jalin Turner’s 5 questions, let’s get Bananas!

  1. How did it feel to capture your first UFC victory?

Jalin Turner: It felt great! It felt like I’m right where I belong.

2. Have you noticed a difference between fighting under the Bellator & UFC Banner?

Jalin Turner: Yes the UFC has taken great care of me and gave me a nice contract. Bellator didn’t see my worth even after two first round finishes In their cage.

3. How many times have you watched your WAR with Max Mustaki at the Dana White Contender Series?

Jalin Turner: I’ve watched it numerous times. I hate my performance that fight. He was the toughest lightweight I’ve ever fought.

4. Who are some guys you would like to fight in the near future?

Jalin Turner: I’m going to end up fighting majority of them anyway so no one in particular at the moment.

5. How was it it to be in the same fight card with the legend Anderson “Spider” Silva.

Jalin Turner: It was surreal! I got to meet him before the fight which was a dream come true in itself.

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