What is the hottest division in the UFC right now..?

Post Corona Pandemic, what is the hottest weight class right now in the UFC? The four female divisions seem to be dominated by there respected champion and not have a lot of buzz right now. The men’s flyweight division has been freezing cold since the departure of Demetrius Johnson, so a hard pass for me. […]

Fight Bananas Podcast 248 – Curtis “Razor” Blaydes

Fight Week for one of the greatest UFC heavyweights alive today, Curtis “Razor” Blaydes comes back on the Fight Bananas Podcast. Curtis Blaydes talks about being back in the main event, what’s next for the heavyweight division, Fighters earning more money and so much More! YouTube Link ?https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=hrBWAzQZ-Pg&t=915s