Fight Bananas Podcast 187 – Macy Breaux & Justin Robinson

Macy Breaux & Justin Robinson continue our mini series on MMA Relationships. We talk about how the corona virus is effecting there spring schedules, what are there 2020 goals and what they like do outside the MMA world. YouTube Link: Subscribe to the Fight Bananas YouTube Channel makotek_mouthguards on Instagram Follow Fusion CBD Products […]

Fight Bananas Podcast 186 – UFC 249 Talk

Hello World, Dave Van Auken talks about UFC 249 where & why it’s so vital to take place. We also talk about our Fight Bananas UFC Best Ever Bracket. YouTube Link:

Fight Bananas Podcast 185 – “That Guy’s Wrestling Podcast”

Under the Fight Bananas Umbrella we have created a professional wrestling podcast called “That Guy’s Wrestling Podcast” hosted by Gary Van Auken. Gary comes on the podcast to talk about the transition to bring his podcast to the Fight Bananas Family. We talk about the Corona Effect on professional wrestling including the relocation of WrestleMania. […]