5 Questions with Socrates Pierre

1. Are you a fan on how much mix martial arts continues to crossover in mainstream America? Socrates Pierre: Yes I’m definitely a fan of MMA being crossed over to mainstream media, the more  Publicity the better it is for fights and fight gyms, even the bad publicity is good. 2. What has been your […]

Fight Bananas Podcast 99 – Bubba Scheffel & Jeremiah McDougall

The Professor & Dave Van Auken welcome Bubba Scheffel & Jeremiah McDougall into the Bananas Studio. Bubba & Jeremiah are two of the hottest professional prospects in Mix Martial Arts. We talk about Fusion X-Cel Performance, legendary stories and so much more!! YouTube Link???? https://youtu.be/WFDm0LRmJVA Subscribe to the Fight Bananas YouTube Channel Follow davidvanauken on […]